Your winter in Hail this year

Your winter in Hail this year

Your winter is to be in Hail this year. Jabel Umm Sinman at Jubbah, Hail City, offers diverse archeological features; including social heritage and breathtaking climate and topography. The location is home to over 5,000 rock inscriptions dating back to 7,000 BC.

The destination joined the UNESCO World Heritage List back in 2015. It has become an important experience of the Saudi Winter Season.

The Season has more than 17 tourist attractions across the Kingdom selected by the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA). Over 200 companies participate in organizing miscellaneous tourist activities and packages.

At 100 kilometers northwest Hail City, Jabel Umm Sinman at Jubbah has become one of the most popular and favorite tourist attractions to enthusiasts and heritage explorers. It reflects the ancient history of the Kingdom, which is one of the Saudi Winter Season’s goals.


The over 150-year-old heritage museum, palace and farm of Alayadah is a must-see for all tourists. Most tourist guides ensure that visitors see the museum then try a popular tourist experience; known as “Haddad” which is hunting with falcons.

Khalid Aljohani, a tour guide, described it as one of the most enjoyable experiences. “This is under the supervision of falcon owners who learned this practice from their ancestors as well as forefathers.

“It is an enriching experience for any tourist who would like to enjoy a hands-on experience face to face with a falcon; known as the loyal friend of Bedouins living in Hail desert,” also explained Aljohani.

The Winter Season’s slogan for this year is “Winter Around You” and the season offers different activities and packages held inside Hail’s public parks. Tourists can also visit the Aerif Castle with its famous view overlooking the Hail City from the top of the mountain. The castle architecture reflects ancient as well as heritage designs.

In the heart of Hail City resides Al-Qishlah Palace, the oldest and largest mud-made structures in the Arabian Peninsula. Built eight decades ago, specifically in 1941, the palace reflects the ancient architecture heritage and has become a significant museum.

There are also a number of museums that turned into specialist museums. The parks have game areas and restaurants for families and children.

Special activities and packages

Also, families can camp on the nearby desert and enjoy a unique camping experience; where they can stay over the night in the middle of sand dunes under the clear skies; the shining stars; the warm fire and delicious dishes catering to tourists’ tastes.

The Saudi Winter Season introduces tourists and visitors to over 17 attractions across the Kingdom. It delivers special activities and packages until the end of March in collaboration with more than 200 tourist companies.

Tourists and visitors can enjoy the climate diversity and topography while exploring the rich tourist, heritage and historical treasures.