Young Saudi scientist develops rapid coronavirus test

Young Saudi scientist develops rapid coronavirus test

A young Saudi scientist is in the spotlight for developing a rapid test. This is to detect coronavirus at a highly reasonable price.

Dr. Hani Al-Hadrami, an associate professor at King Abdulaziz University and a consultant in molecular diagnostics, proved that it is possible to carry out COVID-19 tests. Besides, getting their results within 15 minutes and costing not more than SR10, according to a report in Makkah newspaper.

It generally takes three to four hours to get results of a PCR coronavirus test and the cost is around SR,1000. The test is also available at special laboratories by qualified medical technicians using special devices.

However, Dr. Hani says that there is no need for a lab test for finding out whether one carries the virus or not. He said it is possible to find out the results within less than 15 minutes; by simply carrying out oral or nasal swab tests at a cost of SR10.

Dr. Hani said he registered to obtain a patent for his research and sent it to Talanta scientific journal; which will publish it within a month. “I hope that the Saudi Food and Drug Authority and other concerned authorities would grant me a permit to manufacture the product. Besides, using it within the Kingdom in addition to exporting it,” he said.

Research-back initiative

Dr. Hani said that his specialization as a consultant in molecular diagnostics enabled him to have full information about various tests to find out the coronavirus infection. “When King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology announced about its initiative to support research related to coronavirus six months ago, I presented to it my innovative idea for coronavirus tests and the city approved the necessary financing to go ahead with the research. Eventually, I started carrying out tests at King Fahd Center for Medical Research at King Abdulaziz University,” he said.

According to Dr. Hani, the results of the innovative tests carried out by him on some coronavirus patients were the same as the PCR tests carried out earlier on the same patients. His research revolved around various aspects of infection. He also unveiled plans to conduct research on more number of patients to ensure the preciseness of his findings.

“As a resident of Makkah, I hope that this invention would be helpful to carry out tests; on a large number of Hajj and Umrah pilgrims at nominal rates and get results within a few minutes. In the event of obtaining the permit from the concerned authorities; the testing method will be available at all airports and seaports. Adding to all land entry points to the Kingdom,” he added.