Yemen’s Houthi militias threaten to kill people with coronavirus

Houthi Militias

Houthi militants will shoot and kill anyone diagnosed with the COVID-19 coronavirus to stop the spread of the virus in Yemen, according to a video showing the Iranian-backed fighters making the statements.

“Our best method is to kill in the interest of the rest,” one militant can be heard saying while another agrees with him adding that “there is no treatment, no quarantine, and no procedures that will do, only bullets.”

Yemen reported its first case of the coronavirus last Friday in the Hadramout province south of the country.

Saudi Arabia confirmed last Thursday that Yemen was particularly vulnerable to a COVID-19 outbreak and that the Kingdom would also be contributing $500 million to the UN Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen in 2020 in addition to $25 million to support to the efforts of the Yemeni government in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Arab Coalition declared a complete ceasefire in Yemen for two weeks which started last Thursday as part of efforts to combat the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

The Houthis have not yet reciprocated the ceasefire initiative, with provinces reporting near-daily clashes with the militants.

Members of the UN Security Council welcomed the Arab Coalition’s unilateral ceasefire in Yemen and called on the Houthi militia to respond similarly.