Yemeni Scholars extols Saudi Arabia’s Initiative

Several Yemeni scholars have stressed that the initiative launched by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to end the crisis in Yemen emanates from protecting Yemen and the Yemeni people from Iranian interventions through the Houthi militia and its coup on the Yemeni government.

President of the Yemeni Al-Rashad Union Dr. Mohammad bin Moussa Al-Ameri said that there are three reasons for Houthi militias to reject the Saudi initiative to end the Yemeni crisis, including their lock-step mentality that controls them and their racism, their being servants and tools in the hands of Iran that moves them the way it likes as part of its destructive project in the region, and Houthis’ desire to prolonging the war to have more time to collect money from the people and trade in their suffering.

Former Yemeni Minister of Awqaf and Guidance Dr. Ahmad Atiyyah stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the initiative, was keen to stop the bloodshed of Yemenis, unlike the Houthi militia whose leaders are keen on bloodshed and prolonging the war to gain more personal benefits.

He added that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s declaration of ending the crisis in Yemen and realizing peace reflected its keenness on Yemen’s interest, endeavors to restore peace, maintaining Yemen’s security, stability and unity, keenness to restore the country, and ending the suffering of the Yemeni people through all possible means.