Y20 chair: One of Kingdom’s goals is to empower women and youth

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The G20 2020 summit under the chairmanship of an Arab country highlighted Saudi Arabia’s leading status and role in representing the voice of the Arab world; said Chair of Youth 20 (Y20) Othman Al-Moamar; who is also the director of research at Mohammed bin Salman Foundation (MiSK Charity).

As a country with the largest population of young people, one of the Kingdom’s goals is to empower women and youth; Al-Moamar added.

In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Al-Moamar further said the Youth Communication Group (Y20) is an official group for communicating the youth’s voice to the leaders of the G20 member states in an appropriate and effective manner; as well as making public policies that benefit young people and reduce the challenges they face around the world; especially in light of the pandemic of coronavirus.

He added that the Y20 dates back 10 years ago and that during the Saudi presidency it held 25 meetings; with the participation of 23 countries, 31 agencies, and 13 youth groups while 11 workshops and sessions started with youth.

He said that the Y20 has already launched its first virtual summit and opened the way for the first time for all young people around the world to participate in its activities efficiently; despite the challenges resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Al-Moammar talked about three major topics featuring this year’s summit:

1. The readiness for the future that focuses on future work, future skills, and entrepreneurship.

2. Youth empowerment that focuses on leadership skills for youth, providing opportunities to them to take and make decisions.

3. Global citizenship, tolerance, and sustainable development.

“Our youth in the Kingdom are ambitious, optimistic, and distinguished by high motivation, so the issue of empowering youth must be taken seriously in the short and long term, especially as we have Vision 2030,” Al-Moammar pointed out.