World Leaders Paying Tribute to Late Sultan Qaboos

World leaders paid homage to Sultan Qaboos of Oman, who died at the age of 79, as a wise and moderate leader and a champion of Arab and Islamic nations.

Here are some of the main tributes by world leaders.

– EU: ‘Vision and pragmatism’ –

A joint European Commission-European Union statement praised Qaboos’s “sense of pragmatism and his unparallelled savoir-faire”.

“His vision steered a foreign policy that placed Oman among the European Union’s closest partners, in a region mired in conflict and gripped by tensions,” he added.

– Syria: ‘Progress and advancement’ –

 Qaboos “led the sultanate of Oman on a path of  progress and advancement  and managed with great wisdom and sophistication to create a distinguished place for the country among Arab states” said Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

– Iraq: ‘Moderation and wisdom’ –

Iraqi President Barham Saleh paid tribute to the late sultan’s “moderation and wisdom and the ability to control differences in the interest of the development and progress of our countries and region”.

– Kuwait: ‘A very important figure’ –

“The Gulf, Arab and Islamic nations lost a very important figure and leader,” said Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah.

– Egypt: ‘Pioneer’ –

Qaboos was “a constant supporter of Arab and Islamic issues in various situations, and the pioneer of Oman’s renaissance”, wrote Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

– Abbas: ‘Wisdom and balance’ –

“Our Arab and Islamic nation lost today, a leader and leader of its finest men,” said Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas.

Qaboos “devoted his life to serving his country and people and the issues of the Arab and Islamic nations with wisdom and balance,” he added.

– Britain: ‘Exceptionally wise’ –

“He was an exceptionally wise and respected leader who will be missed enormously,” said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

– ‘Open to the world, especially France’ –

During his reign, Sultan Qaboos modernised his country “while respecting its traditions and its values,” said French President Emmanuel Macron. “The Omani people lose a man of spirit and culture, at the same time deeply attached to his Omani roots and open to the world, especially to France which he knew well”.

– Germany: ‘A good friend’ –

Qaboos’s death meant “the loss of a good friend for Germany”, a statement from President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said.

“Sultan Qaboos was a responsible actor for mutual understanding and compromise in the Middle East and Gulf region. His word was widely heeded”.