Women Contact20 starts deliberations

Women Contact20 starts deliberations

The Women Contact20, an affiliate of the G20 summit preparatory groups, allocated eight contact groups. These groups will be responsible for different viewpoints.

This includes the financial, social and economic challenges on the table of the G20. The Saudi capital of Riyadh will host this summit later this year.

Among the groups was women contact20, chaired by Al-Nahda association. It held its first meeting in Riyadh under the theme “a series of national dialogues on Saudi women”. While Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman university, the world’s largest higher educational institute, hosted the meetings of the group yesterday.

The meetings focused on the priorities of women and empowering them economically.

It also focused on paving the way for women to contribute to creating policies that would affect financial and technological comprehensiveness in the labor market as well as the participation of women in the entrepreneurship.