When age is just a number.. Inspirational Tales of Saudi parents returned to the seats of schools

Inspirational Tales of Saudi parents returned to the seats of schools

“A single tweet” carried many inspirational motivations and marked a new chapter of ambition, to dispel frustration, fear, and shyness from returning back to school in their 40s or 50s.

Wejdan, Saudi activist, published a tweet talking about her mother’s experience saying: “My mother abandoned her ambition and left the university to devote herself to our education while we were young. Today, at the age of 45, she completed her studies in the specialty she loves. She is about to graduate, and she even got job offers and refused to complete her Master’s. Dear young man, it is never too late.”

Users of the social network “Twitter” interacted with Wejdan’s tweet, as there were many responses telling similar success stories of young men and women experienced with their parents—Bashayer replied “My father completed his education while we were studying. He used to take his tests at the same time and place of us. People laughed at him, wondering how such an old man is studying for the secondary certificate. My father is now a professor at the university and I am very proud of him.”

Such stimulating experiences reflect the feelings of honor and pride of the sons towards their parents. This is seen in Aram’s words: “A year ago, my mother graduated from the university in business administration. At her fifty’s, she aspires to study for her master’s degree now; she works in the morning and has six children, including an autistic son… I am very proud of what she has realized, I even felt much happier on her graduation day than on mine.”

In the same vein, the young lady, Razan positively added that her mother and she joined the university at the same time, yet her mother graduated one semester prior to her. She tweeted: “We joined the university together and promised each of us to graduate together but she graduated a semester earlier. Actually, my mom is the best mother in the world.”

“People who have a desire to complete their studies, give their children the confidence, role model, hope, and ambition,” Samhan Al-Dosari, a professor of education and sociology at Imam Mohammed bin Saud University commented. Al-Dossari stressed the importance of science, explaining that this is a practical and realistic application of the example that inculcate the importance of education into children, and those who decide to resume their studies at an older age, are more powerful and serious, and get the highest rates compared to other students and this is because they are more mature and appreciative of education.

He added: “They provide valuable services for education and give generations a great impetus to go on their studies, and they prove the human ability to give and continue, as confirmed by the scientific studies and the present-day realities. The adults need the support of children and the surrounding society, education is a lifetime and man learns to die.”

Dr. Hassan Mohammad Thani, an associate professor of educational psychology, confirmed that this trend is evidence of vitality, and aging does not mean a total isolation from the world, it is a remarkable experience, and we have witnessed many of these models reaching the highest scientific degrees, and proved that the will of man is not limited to a specific age. He pointed out that the experience has great effects on both family and society, and we have noticed many people who have strengthened their scientific status after aging, and they find much encouragement and admiration, which reflects hope, ambition, and will.