Visitors flock to Tabuk landmarks to soak in historical heritage and nature

Historical landmarks in Tabuk are proving a big draw for visitors who are flocking to the tourist destination to soak in the ancient historical heritage and nature.

One of these landmarks is the valleys that were ancient trade routes once and had used their springs to supply water to Tabuk’s dense population; is still an area visitors gather.

Among Tabuk’s collection of historical attractions is the Tabuk fortress that tells the story of the culture of the land for more than four centuries.

The tourist destination is popular with both Saudi and foreign tourists; especially those who are pioneers of history and those with a passion for expeditions.

One of the major attractions for tourists is Maghair Shuaib; a civilization from the BCE period. This touristic spot has houses carved in the mountains and engraved with aesthetic engravings on the insteps.

Visitors document everything they see in Maghair Shuaib with their cameras; recording the marvels for posterity; while observing the rare engineering creativity of the houses.

Tourists also visit the Al-Dessa valley with this area turning to be a favorite with the foreign tourists. The number of visitors and especially foreign tourists is increasing every year.

Nature too lends an artistic hand with a number of landmarks created by denudation. The visitors are drawn to these landmarks because of the beautiful sculptures created by the erosion of water and air.

Visitors are also drawn to the fountains of water that emerge from the rocks to form lush Oases that are surrounded by trees and bushes.