Valor of citizen saves residents from massive fire caused by burning car

Valor of citizen saves residents from massive fire caused by burning car

Citizen Mohammed Al-Alit effected a daring rescue act with his quick thinking and actions; after a fire broke out in a car parked in front of a building. His courageous act saved the residents of an apartment building in Al-Nour neighborhood of Dammam; from being engulfed in a possible blaze.

When Al-Alit noticed flames of fire and smoke billowing out of a car, he rushed to the spot and quickly pushed the car; despite impending danger to self from the flames, to a distant spot from the building minutes before it exploded and consumed by the flames.

Speaking to Okaz/Saudi Gazette, Al-Alit said: “As I was leaving my home at around 6.00 on Monday morning; and moving to my car, the billowing smoke caught my attention.

“When I approached it, I discovered that the source of the fire was a car that parked in front of the building; and the fire was blazing such that the parking umbrella above it had caught fire,” he said.

According to Al-Alit, five cars parked next to the car. “I immediately decided to push it out from behind so as not to trigger a chain reaction of blazing cars that could lead to a disaster.

“The fire was spreading and it might have caused major harm to other parked cars and residents of the building.

“After pushing the car for a few minutes, I had managed to create distance; between the other parked cars, the building and the car on fire. It was a good thing that the car burned completely; with minor explosions, at a spot away from the residential buildings,” he said.