US says attacks against Saudi Arabia reflect perpetrators’ lack of seriousness about peace

Saudi Arabia strongly condemns attacks by Israeli forces at Al-Aqsa Mosque

US on Monday expressed its concern about the attacks against Saudi Arabia, stressing that the escalation of attacks against the Kingdom reflects its perpetrators’ lack of seriousness about peace, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

White House Spokeswoman Jane Psaki confirmed in the daily press briefings that the US administration continues to cooperate closely with officials in Saudi Arabia to discuss ways to support the Kingdom in defending its territories against these threats.

Earlier in the day, the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia issued a statement on Twitter; condemning missile and drone attacks launched by the Iranian-back Houthi, targeting Saudi oil installations.

“The heinous assaults on civilians as well as vital infrastructure;” demonstrated lack of respect for human life and disregard for peace efforts,” the statement read.

“The US stands by Saudi Arabia and its people;” the statement also added, saying: “Washington’s commitment to defend the Kingdom and its security was unwavering.”