US presidential candidate Joe Biden promises to return to World Health Organization

Democratic US presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden revealed on Wednesday that he will do his best to return the United States to the World Health Organization to cancel the decision of the current president Donald Trump to withdraw officially from the international organization.

“On my first day as President, I will return to the World Health Organization and restore our leadership on the world stage,” Biden wrote via his official twitter account.

“Americans are safer when America is committed to reinforcing the world health,”

The United States has officially informed United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres of the withdrawal from the World Health Organization to begin the timetable exit from the organization, following previous threats of withdrawal because of disagreements over its management of the crisis of Coronavirus.

US President Donald Trump said in May that he would withdraw from the World Health Organization, accusing the organization of failing to deal with coronavirus. 

It was a puppet of China, and it had announced a moratorium on the financing of the Organization; that had raised international concern, particularly among the United States allies.

A senior official in the US administration and the United Nations confirmed this step that will take effect on 6 July 2021.

The World Health Organization (who) has not provided it made no further comment. A spokesman for the United Nations noted that the exit conditions included giving notice a year ago and full compliance with financial obligations.
Written by: Nada Al-Ghanem