US Intercepted Iranian Arms Shipments Destined for Houthis – US Envoy

US Intercepted Iranian Arms Shipments Destined for Houthis – US Envoy

US special envoy to Iran Brian Hook said on Thursday June 13th that the United States had intercepted Iranian arms shipments on its way to the Huthi militia.

In an interview with Al-Hurra television, Hook said that Washington had intercepted many Iranian arms shipments before reaching the Houthis and would continue to intercept any future shipments.

The US special envoy to Iran, the Huthi militia, has called for participation in a UN-led political process rather than attacks on neighbors.

Regarding economic sanctions against Iran, Hook pointed out that “the Iranian regime is paying for the economic recession because of its outlawed behavior and threatening its neighbors.”

The US special envoy to Iran, the economic pressure on Iran continues on the way to change its behavior, pointing out that the continuing US sanctions have succeeded in achieving purposes.

The sanctions have led to a decline in Iranian financial income and Tehran has had to cut its military budget by 29 %. Shi’ite allies and militias it will not be able to provide them with the same amount of money, Hook added.

Hook pointed out that Iran secured 70% of the Lebanese Hezbollah budget, an estimated 700 million dollars annually, pointing out that Hezbollah is now suffering from the decline of Iranian funding, and therefore launched a campaign in Lebanon to fund operations to compensate the lack of funds.

On Wednesday, the US Treasury Department imposed new sanctions on entities and individuals linked to Iran, including one Iranian entity and two individuals.
The US State Department on Wednesday called on Iran to halt its terrorist and malicious activities.

US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagos said US allies were in agreement on Tehran’s need to stop its malicious activities.