US Ambassador: Saudi Arabia is serious in combating coronavirus

The Saudi government has taken serious measures to help stop the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the US mission in the Kingdom appreciates these efforts, US Ambassador to the Kingdom John Abizaid said, while speaking to Okaz newspaper on Saturday.

The US ambassador further said that the US mission supports the Saudi government’s efforts to slow down the spread of coronavirus by implementing mandatory social distancing and other measures.

On the effect of the spread of coronavirus, Abizaid said: “Coronavirus has had an impact on how people are working all over the world. Things here are not different in the Kingdom. All of us had to adapt to the situation. We have reduced consular services, but we are continuing our important work, that is work with our Saudi partners and helping American citizens.”

He added: “We must all carry out our role in helping prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and preventing people from getting infected with this disease. We hope that this will contribute to saving lives.”

The US Ambassador said that the US State Department is working on meeting the historic challenge daily. He stressed that the US government has no loftier duty than protecting the American citizens.

“We are aware of the American citizens who have been infected by the virus and we are providing them with all suitable consular assistance,” Abizaid said.