UNWTO Middle East Regional Director Hails Saudi Arabia As Active Member of Organization Executive Council

Regional Director of the Middle East at United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Basmah Al-Mayman affirmed the importance of the prominent role being played of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in international organizations, through its qualitative participation at various levels and its great contributions to all fields, including the field of tourism.

She also said that the Kingdom has already contributed to transforming UNWTO to a specialized agency of the United Nations system and the adoption of the inclusion of the Arabic language as an official language in the Organization.

In a statement on the occasion of the celebration of the Kingdom’s 91st National Day, Al-Mayman explained that the Kingdom is an active member of the UNWTO Executive Council and Vice President in its current session, pointing out that the Kingdom has represented the Middle East for many years in international decision-making in UNWTO and that the Organization has recently opened for the first time its first office, citing the Kingdom’s hosting of the UNWTO regular meeting of its Regional Committee for Middle East in May 2021.