Ueli Maurer condemns Aramco’s Attack prior to visiting Saudi Arabia

Ueli Maurer condemns Aramco’s Attack prior to visiting Saudi Arabia

Swiss President, Ueli Maurer: “We condemn the attacks on Aramco and are working to reduce tension in the Gulf region”.

Swiss President, Ueli Maurer said his country condemned attacks on Saudi Aramco’s oil facilities and is working to reduce tensions in the Gulf region.

“Switzerland is very concerned about the growing tensions in the Gulf region,” Maurer said in a statement before his planned visit to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

“We believe that any further escalation should be avoided because a new violent conflict in the region will have serious consequences for all the people of the region and beyond. We immediately condemned the recent attacks on Aramco and welcome the ongoing comprehensive investigation,” Maurer also continued.

Maurer added, “I would also like to take the opportunity of the visit to present Switzerland’s good offices in working to reduce the current tensions in the Gulf region”.

Regarding the situation in the Palestinian territories, Maurer said that achieving a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians “will only be achieved through negotiations based on a two-state solution and the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative”.

Maurer described Switzerland’s relationship with Saudi Arabia as “strong”, praising the ongoing reforms in this country and measures of economic diversification and integration of Saudi women in the labor force in the labor market, and the launch of the tourist visa program, stressing his country’s interest in exploring new opportunities for investment and cooperation.

Furthermore, in the same vein of Saudi Vision 2030, Switzerland seeks to explore other areas of cooperation, such as sharing best practices in lending and financing SMEs through banks.