UAE, Bahrain condemn Houthis’ attempt to attack Saudi Arabia with booby-trapped boat

The source said Houthi militias were attempting to attack an international trading ship. (Supplied)

The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have denounced the Iran-backed terrorist Houthi militia’s attempts to launch an attack with a booby-trapped boat in the southern Red Sea that was thwarted by Arab Coalition Forces.

In a statement, the UAE’s foreign ministry emphasized that the continued threat of these attacks by the Houthi militia reflects its blatant disregard for the international community and all international laws and norms.

The UAE’s ministry stressed that it considers this attack new evidence of the Houthi terrorist militia’s endeavor to undermine security and stability in the region.

In the statement, the ministry renewed the UAE’s full solidarity with Saudi Arabia over these terrorist attacks. The country also stands with the Kingdom against any threat to its security; and the security of navigation and global trade.

In a statement, Bahrain’s foreign ministry also condemned Houthi’s adamant hostile acts; which reflect their intent to threaten maritime navigation and undermine regional stability and security.

The Bahraini foreign ministry also commended the coalition forces to support legitimacy in Yemen for their vigilance; which enabled them to intercept and destroy the boat.

It also urged concerted international efforts to deter the terrorist militias; and put an end to its continuous violations of the international laws that threaten maritime navigation.