Twitter reveals secrets on Saudi Women


A statistical study, conducted by Business Insider Intelligence and published by Business Insider’s site, that includes an analysis of the percentages of countries in the world using social networking pointed out that 41% of Internet users in Saudi Arabia use the network (Twitter), the highest proportion of the total users in the world. It is also believed that two-thirds of this percentage are women.

Twitter has revealed that 73% of the Saudi mothers mainly use “Twitter” to follow the different brands. It said that the mothers tend to use “Twitter” mostly before sleeping by 62%, then upon waking up by 59%, and on holidays by 54%. 80% of the Saudi mothers reach Twitter via their mobiles and tablets.

Twitter’s statistics showed that the mothers are keen on following their friends’ news and updates by 50%, watching videos and photos by 48% and 46% successively, and of little concern to them, following news and sports by 41%. Still the main objective behind using Twitter is to have an access to others’ news by 50%.

This while mothers follow the different brands and trademarks by 73%, their friends by 63%, their families by 50%, and the celebrities by 46%. As for the type of brands mothers seem to follow the most; the largest percentage goes to the food commodities, then to the retail products by 30%—41% of mothers follow the brands to know more about its updates and new products, and then to stay updated on the offers and sales by 37% yet only 27% of mothers actually buy products.

As for Twitter relation to Television, 74% of mothers use “Twitter” during the commercial breaks while 50% of mothers tweet on a television ad during the program broadcasting and 66% of mothers look for a brand or a product she knew about during the break.