Trump informs Congress of sending 3,000 US troops to Saudi Arabia

US Defence Secretary Mark Esper talks with US troops in Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia (AP)

Deterring Iran’s threat, US President Donald Trump has officially informed Congress of sending the first group of 3,000 US troops to Saudi Arabia, with the rest of the 3,000 soldiers to arrive within weeks.

Announcing US troop movement, Trump said in his letter to Congress on Tuesday that “Iran continues to threaten the security of the region, especially through targeting oil installations”.

With Iranian support, the Houthis launched attacks on Saudi Aramco facilities last September, which temporarily took out 5% of the global oil supply.

Trump said in his letter on Tuesday: “As I informed on July 22, we sent troops to counter Iran’s aggressive behavior”.

Trump continued: “I ordered the deployment of US troops to strengthen the defenses of the region and deter Iranian provocations”.

“In addition to those already in place, additional US troops to be sent to Saudi Arabia in the next few weeks so the total number of US troops in Saudi Arabia is 3,000,” Trump revealed in his letter to Congress.

Trump also hinted that the deployment of additional troops in Saudi Arabia includes “radars and missile systems to strengthen defenses”.

Referring to the attacks, Trump said that his goal is to protect US interests and enhance force protection in the region against hostile action by Iran and its proxy forces.