Training on coronavirus measures important before start of new academic year: Al-Sheikh

Women wearing masks for protection against the coronavirus, walk in the Mall of Dubai on April 28, 2020. (Getty Images)

Minister of Education Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh has called for imparting training on coronavirus precautionary measures to ensure the protection of all, underscoring the importance of reviewing preventive protocols in the education sector.

He made the remarks during a virtual meeting with directors of education in the regions and governorates across the Kingdom. The meeting discussed major preparations and measures for the next academic year, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The minister stressed the importance of completing the formation of specialized committees in education departments; offices and schools to implement these protocols; and to deal with the requirements and procedures for distance education; as an integral part of the processes of total or partial attendance education or as a single option.

Al-Sheikh directed the education departments and offices are ready to welcome the new academic year and to deal with all the exceptional circumstances. “These include the continuation of the educational process during the next phase; including raising the preparedness for remote education operations under all circumstances and completing preparations to receive the teaching and administrative staff;” he said.

He also gave an instruction to complete all maintenance and operation works in schools and educational facilities and provide hygiene and sterilization equipment, in addition to the completion of delivery of books to education departments and distribution among schools.

The minister also urged to utilize this period to train male and female teachers on distance education programs; and issue organizational rules and guidelines for schools, teachers, students and parents as well as to provide technical, cognitive; and psychological support during this phase.