Tourism minister announces launch of new training camp

Tourism minister announces launch of new training camp

The Minister of Tourism, Ahmed Al-Khatib, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA); announced that the ministry would be launching a training camp dedicated to the participants in the “Kiram” TV show.

The participants were under the supervision of a team of experts in the field of tourism; marketing and entrepreneurship to enable the participants to start in the field of work, creativity and success.

This announcement came during the minister’s intervention in the closing episode of the first edition of “Kiram” aired on MBC 1 channel under the slogan “Tourism Experiences with a Saudi Spirit”, which is an interactive model that simulates the idea and goals of the initiative.

The first version of the “Kiram” TV program launched on Feb. 9, 2021, for a group of creative people, talents, and owners of experiences, efforts and interests in the tourism field in the Kingdom.

They were also competing to provide the most beautiful and best innovative tourism experiences; in an interesting and enjoyable mix that combines the passion and interests of young people with the tourism assets and treasures Saudi Arabia has.

The TV program also spanned 9 episodes and, in each episode; there was a prize of SR100,000, and the grand prize was SR500,000. The first prize went to contestant Noura Al-Saadoun, second prize went to Majed Aoun and third prize claimed by Faisal Al-Reithi.

Investment opportunities

“Kiram” program launched by STA in February 2021 aims to support local communities; create employment and investment opportunities and enhance the capabilities of entrepreneurs; by embracing creative and talented people with rich experiences, efforts and ideas in the tourism field.

The program also witnessed a remarkable turnout, as 2,234 applicants have registered, 72% males, and 28% females.

During his intervention in the final episode of the program; the minister of tourism expressed his thanks to the program’s staff and other workers for their efforts and hard work.

He also congratulated the winners and praised the level of innovation and professionalism they have showed.

He also indicated that he directed the Tourism Development Fund and the Licensing Department at the Ministry of Tourism to provide all means of financial and logistical support to those qualified to the “Kiram” training camp, to enable them to launch their work, creativity and success.

Interested people have the option to join different training programs in different areas; such as heritage, culture, arts, adventure, luxury and recreation.