Tourism Development Council Organizes “Hiking Moissen” Event to Introduce Jouf Monuments

Tourism Development Council Organizes "Hiking Moissen" Event to Introduce Jouf Monuments

The Tourism Development Council in Jouf Region has organized the “Hiking Moissen” event with more than 120 participants of hiking adventurers and enthusiasts who hiked 12 Km as a part of Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) in Jouf efforts to support the tourism sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to Introduce Jouf monuments to the people.

Through this event, the participants were able to learn about monuments, the history of the inscriptions of different eras, the roles of the Commission in protecting these sites, and historical and tourist attractions in the region.

SCTH Director General in Jouf Region and Secretary General of Tourism Development Council Yasser Ibrahim Al-Ali has referred to the commissions’ efforts in raising awareness of these monuments and explained how Arabic calligraphy moved from Jouf to Makkah, adding that this event plays a major role in supporting sport.