The highest-priced painting in the first art auction in Saudi Arabia

The highest-priced painting in the first art auction in Saudi Arabia

A painting by a conceptual artist, titled “Tawaf around the Kaaba“, was sold at the highest price in a charity auction in western Saudi Arabia, achieving the first place in the auction held by the Saudi Ministry of Culture in Nasseef house in Jeddah under the title of “Art for the Country” in cooperation with Christie’s House.

The Saudi artist, Abdullah Al-Shalti, spoke to “Al” saying: “My painting, which tells the tawaf around the Kaaba, was sold for SAR650,000 at the first charity auction of its kind in the history of Saudi Arabia. Returns of this auction to be allocated to establish a museum tells the story of historic Jeddah, a World Heritage Site on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and to support a charity institutions for children with special educational needs”.

Al-Shalti added: “proud of this work and achievement, and of all the artists who sold their works participating in the auction of more than 40 works of art”.

Abdullah Al-Shalti during working on his painting

The painting, which achieved the highest price, is an indirect abstract expressive painting, showing the density of Muslim pilgrims while circling the Kaaba, which is the symbol, and the earth hugging the sky, where the acrylic colors of white, grey, and sky blue are used.

Al-Shalti said: “I started painting 50 years ago, where I was drawing from my early years in elementary school and continued in the middle and high school. I completed my education and developed my talent at the Institute of Art Education in Riyadh to get my diploma, and then work as a teacher of art education. Then I worked in the supervision of school activity in Asir educational region”.

Al-Shalti also said: “The style I have followed in my paintings since my beginnings is impressionism, but now I use indirect impression. I also use various materials”.