Teachers and students to return to schools, universities in person in new academic year

Teachers and students to return to schools, universities in person in new academic year

The Ministry on Education on Tuesday set out procedures for all schools, colleges and universities. This is to resume educational activities in person in the next academic year.

The ministry called on all men and women teachers; and non-teaching staff to physically attend their respective workplaces in the next academic year. While underlining the importance of taking coronavirus vaccines.

It also said that the vaccination status in all educational institutions will be verified via “Tawakkalna” and “Tabaud” applications and being inoculated against the virus will be a mandatory requirement to enter all buildings of the authorities and facilities under the Ministry of Education, including government and private schools, government and private universities and colleges and the facilities belonging to the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC).

The ministry also stressed the return of all students of government and private universities and TVTC to their lecture halls and seats; provided they are in a safe health condition. It said that the universities and institutions would announce the necessary decisions to specify the mechanism for attendance.

Importance of taking anti-coronavirus vaccine

The ministry also asserted the importance of taking the anti-coronavirus vaccine. This is in line with the arrangements to be specified by the Ministry of Health; so as to complete the measures and procedures for beginning classes for the new students in the universities and TVTC colleges for the new academic year.

The objective is also to ensure the safety and good health of all. The universities and TVTC would announce the necessary decisions for completing the mechanism for enrolling and admitting the students.

The ministry also said that the return of general education students to the government and private schools will be in line with the approved operational models; which will be announced at the appropriate time. In addition, the age groups targeted to return to their school seats will be specified in line with the coordination with the Ministry of Health and the arrangements approved by the MOH.

We will consider several aspects related to the density of students in the school, and schools located in remote areas. In addition, there will be a continuous evaluation, follow-up; and monitoring of implementation; along with ensuring mandatory compliance with the precautionary measures approved by the pertinent authorities.