Taiwan allows export of Saudi dairy products and dates

Taiwan allows export of Saudi dairy products and dates

The Saudi Commercial Office in the Taiwanese capital; Taipei revealed that there are opportunities for the export of foodstuffs; such as dates and milk and its derivatives from Saudi Arabia to Taiwan.

The major products proposed to be export from Saudi Arabia to Taiwan are milk and its derivatives as well as dates; according to a letter of approval received by the office from the Taiwanese authorities; a copy of which was obtained by Okaz/Saudi Gazette.

Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration has accorded approval for the import; after subjecting these products to a systematic inspection process, based on the existing procedures for the same.

According to the letter, Saudi investors; who also wish to export products must attach health certificates for dairy products from the exporting country, in implementation of the procedures; applied by the Food and Drug Administration in Taiwan.

With regard to the export of dates; the Taiwanese instructions also stipulated that there should be records with the competent authorities in Taiwan related to previous export of the product.

Moreover the products need to be subject to laboratory tests upon arrival at the borders; so as to examine the percentage of pesticide residues and microorganisms.