Tabuk Jabel Al-Lawz, ice wonder of Saudi Arabia’s winter

Tabuk Jabel Al-Lawz, ice wonder of Saudi Arabia's winter

Tabuk Jabel Al-Lawz, ice wonder of Saudi Arabia’s winter; among the enjoyable tourist experiences and activities that can be performed on the summit of “Almond” mountain; Skiing on the snow-covered tracks; walking on ice; and observing the amazing calm of the soft sand under the snow layer in a fun tour. In addition, camping in the middle of snowfields is one of the most beautiful winter tourism experiences.

Season of Kashta

Therefore, winter in Saudi Arabia is known as the “season of Kashta” or camping during the day or night; The gentle breeze, the snow-covered paths and the sky lit by bright stars are nature’s way to invite Tabuk residents and those coming to it from various regions of the Kingdom to enjoy the magic of Saudi Winter.

Snow in Saudi Arabia gives an exceptional condition that is close to surprise. Considering snow is limited in its presence in time and space; this is why the desire to see it up close increases on reaching Jebel Al-Lawz.

Jebel Al-Lawz, rising 2,580m above sea level, is one of the most famous mountains in the Kingdom to experience winter season. The mountain also stands snow-covered in winter.

Mountain of Almonds

High on the hills of Tabuk Jabal Al-Lawz, known as the Mountain of Almonds, in the northwest region of Saudi; the snow falls gently during the winter months; welcoming visitors from far and wide and captivating them with nature’s splendor. Winter in Saudi means you can experience the sun, the sea and the snow all in one place.

The mountain lies 200 kilometers west of the region’s administrative capital Tabuk, a region with beautiful and granite plateaus. There are valleys, which non-locals have great difficulty accessing; rich with fragrant plants used for making perfumes as well as medicinal treatments.

Tabuk; the Saudi Winters Experience; starting from one and reaching up to seven-day packages including various destinations — offers travelers the chance to discover the wide expanse of the Kingdom during the cooler months with activities ranging from sledding to camel rides, exploration of souqs and sites, and an itinerary that unveils the authentically Saudi journey.