Tabuk coastline and beaches host 100 islands

Tabuk coastline and beaches host 100 islands

Extending over a distance of 700 km; the coastline and beaches of Tabuk region in the northwestern part of the Kingdom host 100 islands. This is from Haql governorate in the north, passing through the two governorates of Dhuba and Al-Wajh; and ending with the regional boundary of Umluj governorate, south of the city of Tabuk.

The coastline and beaches are so beautiful; Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Friday.

Whenever there’s talk of pristine marine nature, the tranquil and dreamy islands off the beaches of Tabuk come to mind; where the environments vary between coral, sandy, continental and volcanic.

Tabuk beaches have their commanding view of the Gulf of Aqaba and the shores of the Red Sea; where the governorates of Haql and Al-Bidea are overlooking the Gulf. While the “Gulf of Aqaba” beach enjoys mild weather and no humidity. It also overlooks the Red Sea shores in three governorates — Dhuba, Al-Wajh and Umluj.

Tabuk region has all the services and public and government utilities needed by tourists. Its beaches have many natural treasures; coral reefs; and marine living organisms that live within its marine borders and virgin ecosystems. Among the endangered species are the “hawksbill turtles” that have made Al-Waqadi Island in Al-Wajh Governorate their habitat.

Sea cucumber

Tabuk marine environment has a feature that seafarers generally and seagoing picnickers are attracted to, divers in particular, as it is a destination for underwater adventures in which the diver meets with schools of fish and brightly colored snails and mollusks of various types, in addition to the presence of mollusks that accompany thousands of small fish and dolphins.

Moreover, Tabuk’s environment enjoys “sea cucumber” that works to create an important environmental balance within this wonderful ecosystem in the most important part of the Red Sea; in which the climate does not differ from the rest of the Kingdom’s coasts except for the governorate of Haql, whose climate is moderate at this time of the year and lacking any humidity.