SWCC reduces carbon emissions by 22% of Saudi Arabia’s targeted reduction

Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) has applied highest international standards; in all its production and transportation systems through expanding the use of modern technologies.

As a part of its efforts to preserve the environment, it used environmentally friendly reverse osmosis (RO) technologies; with the aim of reducing carbon emissions, along with benefiting from them according to a commercial perspective.

In this regard, SWCC has achieved a reduction of 28 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which represents 22 percent of the total targeted reduction for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia until 2030. The corporation has intensified its efforts by launching a number of initiatives related to reducing the costs of electricity; fuel and chemical consumption to unprecedented levels.

It launched an initiative to improve energy and assets efficiency in five production systems. SWCC also suspended Jeddah 4 and Yanbu 1 production systems; which led to preventing carbon emissions and reducing the emissions by 150,000 tons annually.

SWCC was able to develop a technology to absorb emitted gases and convert them into investment products, such as methanol. It replaced the use of liquid fuel by natural gas in the Yanbu 3 production system; which led to a reduction in emissions by 27.5 percent.

The reduction in fuel consumption in the Ras Al Khair production system also resulted in reducing emissions by 17 percent and saving 4,500 billion BTU annually.

Saline Water Conversion Corporation’s efforts in preserving the environment in line with its strategic directions to achieve Saudi Vision 2030 resulted in obtaining operational environmental licenses of the 3rd category and ISO 14001 Certificate for the Environment.