Steps underway to organize camel races in KSA

Authorities in the Kingdom are taking measures to organize several camel racing tournaments across the country.
The Saudi Camel Racing Federation will soon announce the schedule for the 2020 and 2021 seasons, which include three championships: The Ministry of Sport’s Cup, the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee Cup; and the Saudi Camel Racing Federation Cup.
Saudi Arabia in recent years has witnessed huge changes in entertainment; tourism; and sports.

Camel racing dates to the pre-Islamic era; and the tradition of producing the strongest, fastest, and most beautiful camels continues today.
A healthy racing camel can run up to 40 km in one hour and requires little water, so while camels run at a slightly slower speed than horses; their endurance is second to none.
These pampered contestants are fed a special diet of mostly dates; milk, honey; dry grass; and corn.
The Saudi government has regularly launched initiatives since 1974 to introduce these races to the international community.