Starting Marathon “History of Civilization and Science”, with a Saudi partnership

King Abdul-Aziz Foundation for research and archives leads the Saudi participation in the marathon

The “History of Civilization and Science” marathon was launched from the Australian continent, the first of its kind in partnership between the King Abdul-Aziz Foundation for research and archives, the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) in Australia, and the Saudi Wikipedians initiative in a serious attempt to attract more bloggers and developers to participate in Wikipedia articles and another translation into Arabic to raise the level of Arabic information in various aspects through the interactive contest between scholarships students.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the project aims to provide an ideal model for educational and scientific entities in Saudi Arabia to take advantage of the mechanisms of its implementation of the initiative to provide similar models that support the orientations and aspirations of Arabic-speaking bloggers to raise the content of Arabic knowledge in Wikipedia.

Dr. Zuhair Al-Shehri, director of the Wiki Dowen project, explained that this marathon, to be concluded on Aug. 26th, aims to participate in bridging the Arab enrichment deficit on the encyclopedia of Wikipedia, especially in the fields of civilization and science, through the construction of volunteer groups and motivating them through providing them with the necessary training, resources, and awards, and all that facilitates the enriching interaction, and invests in opportunities, including scholarships students and their abilities and their scientific and technical skills in the qualitative and reliable enrichment.

Dr. Sultan Al-Hayani, founder and president of the Saudi Wikipedians initiative, said that the initiative came out of belief in the great role placed on male and female students of scholarships in contributing to the enhancement of the national character of Saudi youth and linking them to their identity, and promoting the concept of individual impact in giving an influence, in addition to highlighting the importance of volunteerism in the digital world.

Al-Hayani said that the initiative comes within the framework of providing quality activities fulfilling the goals and objectives that serve the nation and its vision, and that work and coordination is underway to expand in other countries of scholarship, as the marathon to be held in America, Britain and China in addition to Saudi universities.

For her part, the director of the project “Saudi Wikipedians” Fatima Hosni explained that the importance of the initiative is that it does what the profit-making companies cannot do, strengthening the cultural and digital civilization inventory are the marathon outputs that we bet on, and confirming that the spoken-language is an identity that must be highlighted and preserved in the fields of application including the virtual world.