STA launches Saudi Winter’s Media Excellence Award

The Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) has announced the launch of the Saudi Winter’s Media Excellence Award; which is one of the initiatives of the Saudi Winter Season “Arabian Winter”; that aims at raising the level of professionalism and creativity.

In addition it strengthens the partnership; with creatives and media professionals, as the total value of prizes is up to SR250,000.

The award will markedly cover five different fields; press reports, TV reports, radio programs, photographs and short films.

The authority also stated that the main objectives of launching the award are to raise the level of professionalism in providing media materials, encourage creativity and innovation in promoting Saudi tourism and to strengthen partnership with the media sector to achieve the goals of the season.

The authority additionally said; that there will be two winners from each field and those wishing to participate shall send their work and participation to

The deadline for applying is April 10, 2021; and the winners will be announced on the STA’s Twitter account @SaudiTourism on May 16, 2021.