SR9;000 set as minimum salary for Saudis in operation; maintenance key posts

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and its partners have clarified that the minimum salary for Saudi men and women working in senior management positions in the operation and maintenance sector in public entities is fix at SR9;000.

The pay scale will also have to increase on the basis of the years of experience in the sector; according to the Guide for Saudization for Operation and Maintenance Contracts in Public Entities.

The guide sets the minimum salaries for the engineering and specialist professions at SR8;400; whereas SR7;000 for the supervisory posts. Salaries of Saudis in the operation and maintenance sector companies are subject in order to supply and demand.

The entity that issues the competition brochure is also to determine the minimum salary for Saudi employees at each profession and to ensure that the contractor complies with payment of the minimum salary.

Job levels

The job levels in the operation and maintenance sector are in division into six standard levels according to the minimum qualifications and experience for each level; while the public entity is entitled to have different job levels; as it is divided into the senior management level. This includes the leadership positions responsible for managing the technical and administrative aspects of the project such as project manager or assistant project manager.

The guide specifies classification of levels of professions in the engineering and specialized fields; and that includes jobs requiring specialization; and the worker can perform them by obtaining a university degree in the same field such as engineers and specialists.

The job levels include the supervisory level requiring specialized; and supervisory skills and expertise with an academic degree in the respective fields such as supervisors in the electrical; quality and information technology and other fields.

The technical job level includes jobs that require specialized skills and that the worker can perform after obtaining a degree of no less than a diploma or secondary education certificate with experience in the same field.

The operational and craftsman level includes jobs that require specific skills; and the worker can perform them through practice and training. The guide also spells out about the level of low-skilled employment in jobs that do not require either skills or a degree or previous practices.