Saudi girl wins world taekwondo championships

Saudi girl wins world taekwondo championships
Kind carries her medals

A Saudi girl achieved local and international achievements in the game of Taekwondo, and won in October last year championship trophy, occupying the first place at the level of the Central American Federation, which was held in Atlanta with the participation of players from eight US states.

The youngest Saudi player

Kinda wearing her medals

Kinda Al-Muawi, 8, is the youngest Saudi player. She has loved taekwondo since she was five years old, because of her passion for watching cartoons, according to her parents.

Her parents, who are studying in the United States, were interested in engaging her in specialized clubs — the girl started with the white belt. She participated in many championships with the support of her family, and then she won the championship trophy for her age group superior to 35 contestants.

Northeast America Championship

Kinda's last achievement was when she occupied the first place and won the Northeast American Championship in Chicago, adding this achievement to her package, looking forward to raising the national Saudi flag in the upcoming championships in America and other international forums.

Kinda is also getting ready to participate in the Illinois State Federation Championship.

Kinda's certificate of winning the first place

Kinda started taekwondo, in 2015, in Tennessee at Taekwondo School. Her first and official participation was, in 2017, in the Atlanta-based Central American Federation Championship, in which eight US states participated, and she got the first place.

Third participation

Kinda among her colleagues and trainers

She then moved to Chicago for her parents' study conditions. She took part in Lee Soo Taekwondo School in Chicago. She made her second participation in Carbondale, Illinois, in April 2018 in the Illinois State Qualifying Championship, and won first place. So, she was qualified for the Northeast American Championship 2018, while she managed her third participation in the Northeast American Championship in October 2018, winning the gold medal and the trophy.

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