Saudi Arabia announces ambitious strategy to support sports clubs

Saudi Arabia announces ambitious strategy to support sports clubs
Saudi Arabia announces ambitious strategy to support sports clubs

President of the General Sports Authority, Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Turki Al-Saud, announced on Saturday the "strategy of supporting sports clubs", amounting to SAR2.5bn, which will open new horizons for clubs and athletes in Saudi Arabia.


The strategy supports the Saudi Professional League with SAR1.64bn, in a mechanism based on direct support for professional league clubs with SAR50mn, SAR20mn for support related to the development of the governance system, SAR10mn for support related to the development of club infrastructure and facilities, SAR1mn per match, for the support related to increased public attendance in hosted matches, SAR5mn for support associated with organizing accompanying-matches events at the host team's club, and SAR3mn for support related to increased base and public participation of clubs in different regions.

The club's support strategy will provide comprehensive and sustainable solutions to address the current status of Saudi clubs and help them play their part in serving Saudi sport, SPA reported.

The strategy includes, under its umbrella, the mechanism of supporting the Prince Mohammad bin Salman League for the first, second, and third-class teams, amounting to SAR171mn.

Direct support will be provided to the clubs of Prince Mohammad Bin Salman for the first-class club with SAR80mn divided equally among the 20 clubs.

The second-class club will have a direct support of SAR36mn divided equally among the 24 clubs, while the third-class clubs will receive SAR55mn divided equally among 110 clubs.

The strategy aims to take care of the future of Saudi sport and achieve its administrative and financial sustainability, in its various sports.

The objective of the strategy is to implement an effective governance system that contributes to the development of clubs at the sports and administrative levels, to raise the level of Saudi sport of all kinds to compete at the highest international levels, to install the mechanism of financial support and its distribution in accordance with clear frameworks that ensure the development and sustainability of club work, and to strengthen the sports sector as a whole and invest in it as a key sector for Saudi Arabia.

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