Officially… Yasser Al-Mashal elected as president of Saudi Arabian Football Federation

Yasser Al-Mashal
Yasser Al-Mashal

RIYADH,(Dpa)—The Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) announced on Saturday theelection of Yasser Al-Mashal as its president for the next 2019-2023 session.

Thiswas during the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Saudi Arabian Football Federationfor the elections of its Board of Directors at its fourth session. The votingtook place in the presence of observers from the International Federation(FIFA) and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) as well as from the GeneralAssembly.

Itwas officially announced that the candidates' list of Yasser Al-Mashal won thepresidency of the Saudii Arabian Football Federation. The list includes Khalid Al-Thubaitias a vice president and Adhwa' Al-oraifi, Khalid Al-Muqrin, Nazih Al-Nasr, Mu'ayyadAl-Shihri, Na'im Al-Bakr, Turki Al-Sultan, Bandar Al-Ahmadi, Abdul-Aziz Al-Afaliqand Abdullah Kabuha as members.

It should be noted that Yasser Al-Mashal was the only candidate to match all the conditions on his electoral list, with the Saudi electoral commission announced earlier this June to exclude four other candidates.

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