After over 40 years… Hoeness steps down

Uli Hoeness
Uli Hoeness

Uli Hoeness has stepped down as chairman of the Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich in the past seven seasons and is not running for a new term in the next election in November.

Hoeness,67, told Germany's Bild newspaper on the sidelines of a golf course onSunday that he would stay on the club's supervisory board, explaining: "but Iwill give up my presidency when the time comes".

Bayernwill hold its annual meeting in November, with the General Assembly electing anew president of the Bavarian giant. Hoeness leaves the post as president ofBayern Munich after more than 40 years, for Herbert Heiner, who served as CEOof Adidas Sporting Goods from 2001 to 2016 and temporarily served as actingpresident of the Bavarian club in 2014. He is currently working as his deputyon the club's supervisory board.

Hoenessjoined Bayern in 1970 as a player and then retired nine years later to takeover as director general in 1979. He led the club to win the Bundesliga title for24 times, 14 cups, and the Champions League in 2001 and 2013.

Hoenesswas sentenced in 2014 to three and a half years in prison for tax evasion,before benefiting from parole after 14 months in prison and since November 2016,he has regained his position as president of Bayern after leaving it as aresult of his court ruling.

Hoenessstepped down as former international goalkeeper, Oliver Kahn returned to Bayernfrom 2020 in preparation for the succession of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge as CEO ofthe Bavarian club in 2021.

Bayernstarted their league season on its stadium at Allianz Arena on Friday with adisappointing 2-2 draw against Hertha Berlin, amid criticism of the club'smanagement and the failure to strengthen the team after the departure of Frenchwing, Frank Ribery, Dutch wing, Arjen Robben, and the return of Colombian JamesRodriguez to Real Madrid after his secondment. However, he has finally signed asecondment deal with the Brazilian, Felipe Coutinho from Barcelona and Croatianstriker Ivan Perisic from Inter Milan.

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