SPA hosts forum to enhance Saudi-Iraqi media discourse

Forum discusses enhancing Saudi-Iraqi media discourse

The Saudi Press Agency hosted a panel discussion entitled Saudi-Iraqi Media Discourse and Shared Values, on the sidelines of the Riyadh International Book Fair 2021.

The forum moderated by the President of the SPA; Dr. Fahad bin Hassan Al-Aqran. The forum was participated from the Iraqi side by Dr. Louay Abbas, Talib Abdulaziz, and Ali Wajih, and from the Saudi side by Dr. Saeed Al-Suraihi, Dr. Abdullah Al-Khatib, Muhammad Al-Abbas, and Dr. Muhammad Al-Haizan.

The participants addressed the challenges and obstacles facing the media message and the need for the Saudi-Iraqi media discourse to adopt a modern pattern of performance based on enhancing prospects for bilateral cooperation in various fields.