SNAD Muhammad Bin Salman provided grants of SAR520mn to over 26,000 beneficiaries

‘SNAD Muhammad Bin Salman’ Program benefits over 26,000 with grants exceeding SAR520mn

Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense, has always been keen to support youth in a variety of ways such that they become the future of Saudi Arabia.

Complementary to his efforts in the “SNAD Muhammad Bin Salman” Program that aims to achieve stability and empower the most needy in the society, the Program has confirmed payment to the beneficiaries of the “SNAD Al-Zawaj” (SNAD Marriage) Program.

The number of beneficiaries from the Program has exceeded 26,000 youths in various regions of the Kingdom with the grants exceeding SAR520mn.

The Program said that they have accepted all applicants who fulfilled the initiative’s conditions. This is a support from Crown Prince Muhammad and is in continuation of the nonprofit community initiatives that vary between financial and moral support for all segments of the society.

The “SNAD Al-Zawaj” aims to reach newly married beneficiaries in different regions of the Kingdom via the electronic platform, through which applications are submitted and verification is carried out via the e-link with the various government authorities.

The Program is also keen to include a cognitive content in its various initiatives. To apply, the candidate must pass the financial awareness course as a basic element for completing registration.

It is noteworthy that the “SNAD Al-Zawaj” Initiative is one of the “SNAD Muhammad Bin Salman” Program initiatives. The Program provides direct assistance to support the youth of the nation.

Its targets include supporting 25,000 newly married youths, with the targeted number exceeding by over 1,000 beneficiaries. All the applicants who fulfill the conditions are accepted. It is noteworthy that the Program also works on other additional initiatives in different fields.