Six Saudi girls participate in the World Bowling Championship

The first all-female Saudi bowling national time with their coach

Six Saudi girls are participating for the first time in the history of bowling at the sixth version of the World Bowling Championships for women, which takes place from August 22-30 in Las Vegas.

The Saudi women’s national team is to include Nahla Adas, Mariam Al-Dosari, Mashael Al-Abdul Al-Wahid, Ghada Nimer, Amani Al-Ghamdi and Hadil Tarmin in addition to the coach of the Egyptian women’s team, Sarah Gamal.

The Saudi women’s national team has already participated in three local championships for women in 2018, four open championships for women in Saudi Arabia in 2019, and in the Arab Championship held in Egypt last April.

The Saudi Bowling Federation has contracted with the Egyptian coach, Sarah Jamal to oversee the training of the Saudi women’s bowling national team.