Six Million Students Resume Studying Online in Saudi Arabia

Six Million Students Resume Studying Online in Saudi Arabia

Education is up and running in Saudi Arabia; six million students are carrying on their studies through ‘virtual schools’ online.

In the Kingdom; 20 broadcasting channels have been dedicated to offer lessons to all school grades from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm. An alternative has also been provided on YouTube.

The Education Ministry announced the study schedules for the various levels of general education. This comes within the study plan for the ninth week.

After the decision to suspend studies in public education institutions, the Ministry provided the option of distance learning to more than six million students in the country.

This turned to be possible through a host of tools that match each student’s tech abilities. The tools include iEN TV.

iEN is a safe and free of charge portal that supports digital empowerment in education, enriches digital content, and provides reliable e-educational services to all students, teachers, educational leaders, supervisors, and parents.

iEN is built upon a solid infrastructure provided by the latest technologies with high connectivity tools to be the largest container for the educational materials and digital content which contribute to developing an interactive e-learning content, that develops teachers’ capacities to use technology in the teaching and learning processes, integrating technology into curriculum and facilitating the student to learning basic scientific concepts by students.

As iEN mission focuses on high-quality e-educational services. It provides simplified and attractive digital content to all students equally regardless of their citizenship.

iEN proved its effectiveness by bridging the educational gap at the Southern border of Saudi Arabia due to the political circumstances. As it facilitates delivering e-content to all students in order to pursue their education steadily.