Sisi Calls for Firm Stance to Confront Dispatch of ‘Terrorists’ to Libya

Riyadh Agreement is a great step in resolving Yemen crisis, Sisi says

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi called for a “firm stance” by the African Union Peace and Security Summit to confront the continuous dispatch of thousands of foreign fighters and terrorists from Syria to Libya.

During his participation in the African Union Peace and Security Summit on Libya and the Sahel, he said the threat of foreign fighters will not be restricted to Libya, but will extend beyond its borders.

This would jeopardize the security of neighboring countries, he warned at the summit held in Addis Ababa.

Sisi stated that the Libyan crisis was passing through a critical phase that is making it more complicated.

This calls for the AU to activate its role, given its responsibility towards maintaining African peace and security, he suggested.

The president also considered that the latest negative developments in Libya must not detract from efforts to reach a comprehensive solution to the crisis through addressing its social, economic and political issues, he added.

Achieving security stability in Libya hinges on reaching a peaceful settlement to the crisis, stressed Sisi. The settlement must address the marginalization of some regions, fairly distributes wealth, as well as power, and allows the reconstitution of state institutions in Libya and secures the country’s borders.