Sheikh Nasser Al-Shathry, adviser at the royal court, passed away

Sheikh Nasser Al-Shathry, adviser at the royal court, passed away

The Adviser at the Royal Court Sheikh Nasser Bin Abdulaziz Al-Shathry died on Thursday evening; after being ill for several years.

Sheikh Al-Shathry is the son of the well-known Saudi religious scholar Abdulaziz Al-Shathry; and the father of Sheikh Saad Al-Shathry; member of the Council of Senior Religious Scholars in the Kingdom and adviser at the Royal Court.

He served during the eras of several Saudi kings, beginning with kings Khalid, Fahd, Abdullah, and now King Salman.

It was customary for King Salman to pay visits to Sheikh Nasser Al-Shathry; who was suffering from illness for several years. Earlier, King Salman visited him in the hospital; and at his home several times to check on his health and offered condolences on the death of his wife.

Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense was also keen to visit Al-Shathry to check on his health and congratulate him on many occasions; the last of which was to congratulate and greet him on Eid Al-Fitr.

The gatherings to listen to Sheikh Al-Shathry’s religious lessons and the standpoint of religion on many worldly and religious matters were always attended by princes, religious scholars, and notables.

Social media buffs mourned the death of Sheikh Nasser Al-Shathry after the news of his death spread far and near.