SFDA Approves Inoculating 12-17 Age Group with Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Moderna... second COVID-19 vaccine to receive US approval

Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) approved today to inoculate 12-17 age group with Moderna COVID -19 Vaccine mRNA-1273.

This comes after Moderna submitted a request to approve the vaccine in order to enable the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s health authorities to use the vaccine for the 12-17 age group.

The SFDA approval to inoculate this category with the vaccine has been based on the data provided by Moderna. The authority stated that the vaccine met specific regulatory requirements. Additionally, the clinical studies and scientific date on the vaccine showed its effectiveness and safety for individuals aged 12 or older.

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority previously approved Moderna COVID -19 Vaccine mRNA-1273 on July 9, 2021, for those aged 17 or older. Inoculating individuals aged 12 and older with the vaccine constitutes an important step in confronting the COVID-19 pandemic.