Second batch of young Saudi leaders to communicate globally

Second batch of young Saudi leaders to communicate globally

The National Project is getting ready to build and deliver a true image of Saudi Arabia by presenting its civilizational achievements in coexistence, diversity, and world peace building “Salam for Cultural Communication”, to graduate the second batch of young leaders of global communication, in early September.

More than 60 young men and women, who met the program’s criteria, were selected among 1,200 applicants; they were rehabilitated through successive courses that lasted 13 weeks, which included identifying the competencies of dialogue and communication, the skills of appearing and dealing with the international media, the competencies of persuasion, influencing and dealing with the culturally different, the rules of etiquette and the international protocol.

Honorable representation

Dr. Fahad Al-Sultan, Executive Director of Salam for Cultural Communication, explained that the diverse information and skills acquired by young men and women will provide them with distinctive opportunities in foreign participation and to represent their country in an honorable manner. Young men and women are the best choice to highlight the status of their country civilization, stressing that the anticipated role by the participants is large and influential, and that the correct and positive representation of their country starts from properly preparing them for dialogue and communication with different peoples and cultures.

Field visits

The program also held workshops and panel discussions on a number of topics aimed at reviewing the indicators of the mental image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the most important international organizations, and research centers, in addition to highlighting the Vision 2030, the role of civil society institutions and media platforms influencing the construction of the mental image of the Kingdom.

In addition to presenting youth experiences in global communication and conducting field visits, in which participants were introduced to the experience of the Shura Council, the national dialogue, human rights, the Kingdom’s relief and humanitarian efforts, and the Kingdom’s impact on strengthening the global economy.

It is noteworthy that the project “Salam for Cultural Communication”, has an integrated electronic database of the most important figures of international influence, includes about 1220 organizations and global centers, 3630 international reports, and 780 global figures interested in Saudi affairs, giving young men and women the opportunity to identify the most prominent issues and challenges facing them in international meetings or amicable meetings with the world’s youth, and to correct some misconceptions about some of the issues that affect the mental image of members of those communities.