SCFPA concludes Government Accounting Basics Program in Tabuk Region

Saudi Arabia’s Center for Financial and Performance Auditing (SCFPA) concluded in General Court of Audit (GCA)’s Branch Building in Tabuk Region on Thursday the training program titled: “Basics of Government Accounting,” that has been exclusively organized for the personnel of government entities.

Dr. Salem AlGhamdi, the Manager of SCFPA indicated that the training program is aiming at helping the government entities to face new challenges during the transformation process of the accountancy system in government from cash basis to accrual basis.

The training program includes an identification of the transformation process of applying the international accountancy criteria in the public sector and how to apply accrual basis accountancy, prepare financial lists, procedures of government accountancy, how to prepare the State’s budget, accountancy treatment of government accounts, and the final statements of accounts.

Dr. AlGhamdi added that General Court of Audit is playing a major role along with the ministries handling the transformation project.

Furthermore, Dr. AlGhamdi added that SCFPA is going forward in providing training programs according to the plan of preparing national personnel in auditees to cope with the transformation process of the accountancy system in public sector.