Saudi Women.. Endless Stories of Success and Ambition

Saudi Women.. Endless Stories of Success and Ambition

Saudi women have achieved a considerable success locally and globally—they have been always adhering to the Saudi customs and the Islamic rituals while studying, working, and caring for their families to become the best example on all levels. This article sheds a light on some role models of Saudi successful mothers who succeeded in overcoming the obstacles and transcending the borders to skillfully play the role of mother and father at the same time, if needed.

  • Samia Al-Amoudi; a Saudi consultant in obstetrics & gynecology, a Single Mother, and a breast cancer fighter
empowering one girl may change the world

There are a lot of mothers who sacrifice for their families, but it is rare to find a mother who works not only for her family, but also for her community and nation—Samia Al-Amoudi is one of those who present a unique example and the role model for each Arab woman looking for leaving a mark in our world despite the hard circumstances she experienced.


Samia Al-Amoudi was born to a Yemeni father and a Saudi mother. Her father died at an early age out of Cancer. So her childhood was never an easy one—the financial status of her family got down and then they abandoned the luxurious life they used to. When she was 12 years old, her uncles tried to arrange her a marriage to a fiftieth man yet her mother refused. She continued her study to become later one of the first graduated from the college of medicine in King Abdulaziz University, in 1981. She worked in the hospital of King Abdulaziz University as a consultant of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

A journey of Suffering and Influence

In 2006, she was diagnosed with breast cancer at an advanced stage, it can be said that her disease was the turning point in her life. As a single mother of a son and a daughter, she had no choice but being strong and defeat cancer. She turned the curse of cancer into a grace, after which the relation with her children got much stronger and they learn to appreciate Allah’s gifts and face crises with courage.

Since making women aware of the importance of the early diagnosis of breast cancer, she stopped practicing the medicine to work as a manager of Mohammad Hussein AL-Amoudi Center of Excellence in Breast Cancer. She supervises Sheikh Mohammad Al-Amoudi Scientific Chair for Breast Cancer in Jeddah, adding to be a member of the executive committee of the Breast Health Global Initiative (BHGI), Saudi Cancer Society, Al-Eman Cancer Society, Zahra Breast Cancer Association, and International Organization for Relief, Welfare & Development.

              “Success can be achieved in many fields; however, the hardest yet the best is the success of
              bringing our children, particularly when a woman has to play the role of mother and
              father at the same time, which is the biggest challenge I met in my life.” Samia Al-Amoudi


She has won many awards from many international and local entities including; the Secretary’s International Women of Courage Award in 2007, the Medal of Honor from Saudi Cancer Foundation for Eastern Province in 2009, and Prince Naif Award for Distinguished Woman for the health sector in 2017.


Al-Amoudi’s books

She has a number of important books; “Break the Silence”, “A Saudi Woman’s Diaries”, “Health, Psychological, and Social Empowerment of the girls”, “The Rights of Cancer Patients”, adding to the First Published Book in the Arab Region on Breast Cancer in Sign Language for Deaf Women”.

  • Ghada Ghazzawi, one of the most successful businesswomen in Saudi society and the most influential Saudi female writers on the different social networks
Ghada Ghazzawi

Ghada Ghazzawi is the daughter of Najdiya Al-Hujailan, the first female voice in the Saudi programs. Due to her father’s work as an ambassador in several Arab and European countries after being the minister of Saudi Broadcasting, she was able to access to different cultures and communities.


At first, Ghazzawi studied fine arts and moved between different jobs including, teaching English language and some administration posts in hospitals and banks. Then, she found her real passion in event planning. Today, she is a well-known Saudi businesswoman; she owns and manages a marketing and event planning company, the field in which she has a lot of experience. She has been able to overcome many difficulties and challenges in this area and has become an example for many women seeking to achieve a remarkable success in marketing.

She has more than twenty thousand followers on Twitter. She believes that the social networks are suitable arenas to share experiences and boost communication with the Saudi youth to foster the national identity and provide entrepreneurs with the most possible support. She participated in the planning for different events and conferences, most prominent of which; Jeddah Economic Forum and Jeddah Commercial Forum.  

One of her popular sayings: “If you cannot be number one in the way where you are, make your own way through which you can be number one.”

Over and above, she has a great family; she is the mother of two sons and a daughter consider her the role model, especially she always strives to play the role of a mother, a sister, a friend, and a consultant with them. She believes that time management is a basic necessity for each woman wants to have a successful career as much as a successful and stable family.

  • Mona Abu-Sulayman… The First Saudi Female to work as a TV Host and a Goodwill Ambassador
Mona Abu-Sulayman


Mona Abu-Sulayman, the holder of a PhD in Arab-American Literature and a master’s in English Literature, was the first Saudi female to appear on the television as one of the TV hosts of the popular Arab program “Kalam Nawaem” in 2002 and to be appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Program in Saudi Arabia from 2005 and 2009.


Starting as a lecturer in the English Department at King Saud University, she advanced in her career and took over several posts— she has been a board member in different companies; “The Industrial Group” since 2016, “Medan” website since 2013, and “Glowork” since 2011. She was the secretary general of Alwaleed Philanthropies from 2005 to 2011. She worked as the executive director of strategic studies in the Kingdom Holding Company from 2004 to 2006.  

Awards and Titles

She was bestowed The Young Global Leader Honor by “the World Economic Forum”, in 2004, The Distinguished Arab Woman Award, in 2009, and Colin Murray Award, in 2010. Besides, she was ranked amongst the 30th strongest Saudi Women list for 2014 according to Arabian Business magazine and she was also entered the list of the 500th most influential female in the Islamic World in 2009.

               “Whether you have a stable marriage or not, read more and more as none of us can realize
              alone the standard education methods.”
Mona Abu-Sulayman advised out of her experience.

On top of that, Mona Abu-Sulayman skillfully played the role of father and mother for her daughters after getting divorced. To be a single mother is not easy at all so how you could imagine being a single mother, a leading businesswoman, and a TV host in a prominent program at the same time. Mona announced in different occasions that she would not have succeeded in bringing up her daughters if it hadn’t been for her family help, reading a lot in education and about the contemporary problems that may appear after divorce, and her good relationship with her ex-husband. Mona Abu-Sulayman preferred not to start any private work before her second joining the primary school.