Saudi Students Convert Sea Waste into Eye-catching Models in Jeddah

Female students and employees of Effat University have excelled in recycling the Red Sea waste and transforming it into aesthetic models and art pieces that adorn the central corniche in Jeddah, as part of the university’s awareness message entitled “The Red Sea is a wealth, let us preserve it” with the participation of 136 volunteers, to instill a culture of societal environmental responsibility.

The six-week project aims to dispose of various types of waste in innovative ways instead of the ordinary traditional methods. It also aims to enhance environmental awareness among the community of the mechanism of proper handling of waste, address random littering habits, and preserve the marine environment.

The project contributed to providing students and university employees with experience and skills and investing their energies in converting waste into aesthetic models and paintings. Dr. Haifa Jamal Al-Lail, Effat University President, explained that the project develops, contains, and encourages the talents of female students, and transforms the university’s energies into continuous creativity, including recycling and transforming art pieces that depict nature by recycling waste into aesthetics.