Saudi Space Commission gets UN listing

The inclusion of the Saudi Space Commission in the UNOOSA’s list marks an important milestone for the Kingdom’s nascent space exploration agency. — Saudi Space Commission Twitter

The UN Office for Outer Space Affairs posted the Saudi Space Commission logo on the official website of the Office; SPA reported on Tuesday.

Based in Vienna, the United Nations body seeks to promote the peaceful use and exploration of space through international cooperation.

The inclusion of the SSC in the UNOOSA’s also list marks an important milestone for the Saudi nascent space exploration agency.

Commenting on the development, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh, CEO of the SSC; also said the UNOOSA’s move represents an important step to enable the SSC to work at the international level. This is to protect the interests of Saudi Arabia; enhance the Kingdom’s presence in the international organization and expand Saudi space industry globally.

He also said the establishment of the SSC reflected the importance of the space sector for the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia seeks to benefit from space sector by uniting local efforts in the field and enhancing international cooperation in a way that gives the Kingdom’s economic, scientific and strategic benefits.

Dr. Al-Sheikh also said that the Commission has completed the preparation of the national space strategy and the Space Regulation draft as well as a study to establish the Saudi Space Company and they have been submitted for review and approval.

On this occasion, Al-Sheikh congratulated Prince Sultan Bin Salman, the chairman of the SSC.

Dr. Al-Sheikh also thanked the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, which represented the Kingdom during the past years. He said that the SCC continues to work with the KACST and other relevant bodies, while taking advantage of Saudi research and development centers that have contributed to the growth of the sector and its related services and technologies.