Saudi scholarship student gets Australian ‘Medal of Courage’

A Saudi scholarship student; will take the Australian ‘Medal of Courage’ for saving a native; from drowning in Docklands River some two years ago.

In detail Ahmed Al-Muhaimeed from Al-Qassim University will be the first non-Australian to receive the award; after its approval by the Governor General of Australia recently.

Al-Muhaimeed recalled that he was on a leisure walk along with his friends in the vicinity of the Docklands River. He heard the drowning man shouting for help. Al-Muhaimeed straightaway jumped into the river without even thinking for a second that the area was full of sharks.

He was successful in dragging the quinquagenarian man to safety.

Al-Muhaimeed sounds very modest: “What I have done constitutes part of the morals and principles of Saudi society. I felt proud; when I received a written approval from the Governor-General of Australia to award me the Australian ‘Medal of Courage’. God willing, I will receive the medal after the end of the corona pandemic.”

Al-Muhaimeed completed his studies and got a master’s degree in accounting and returned to the Kingdom.

As to risking his life to save the drowning man; Al-Muhaimeed said: “Without any hesitation, I left my mobile phone and my wallet; at the shores and jumped into the water and dragged the drowning man to safety. After that I requested passersby to fetch a rescue boat. The man wreceived first aid and; went to a hospital to ensure everything was OK as he swallowed lots of river water. Then the governor of Melbourne honured me, in the presence of the family members of the man I rescued.”