Saudi Presidency of State Security issues a statement on AZ-Zulfi terrorist attack

AZ-Zulfi terrorist attack

Saudi Presidency of State Security issues a detailed statement on AZ-Zulfi terrorist attack, announcing the arrest of 13 accused of plotting the terrorist attacks earlier today.

Saudi Arabia foiled an attempted terrorist attack on the General Directorate of Investigation’s Center in AZ-Zulfi (250KM north-west of Riyadh), on Sunday morning. The attempted attack resulted in four heavily armed assailants were killed and three security officers were wounded.

On its part, one of the ISIS extremist groups claimed its responsibility behind the frustrated attack. A video of the four alleged “martyrdom-seekers” behind the attack was published via one of the ISIS-linked news agencies yet there are no confirmed reports on when the footage was filmed yet a sound of a man was noted, repeating “the attack is to avenge Muslims imprisoned in the Kingdom, Syria, and Iraq” in the video.

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported earlier today that the Saudi Presidency of State Security spokesman stated that 13 Saudi militants who belong to ISIS, were arrested after finding plans to execute terrorist attacks with the aim of undermining the Saudi security—The official statement published by SPA included also the names of the 13 arrested men along with their National ID numbers.

Investigations and identification procedures were able to determine a rest house in AR-Rayyan district in AZ-Zulfi district, rented by Abdullah Al-Hamoud, one of the four killed terrorists, who took it as a casserole to prepare and plan for the failed attack. Inside, it was found, what looks like a factory for manufacturing explosives and explosive belts and that the terrorist cell was equipped with a weapons arsenal including machine guns, bombs, and Molotov cocktails.

The Saudi Presidency of the State Security declares that it confirms that it continues to follow and track terrorist elements that are working on the implementation of agendas of suspicious bodies and seeking to undermine the security and stability of this country and its people, stressing that the country will remain safe, secure, and immune from such.